Do you offer general admission tickets?
– Yes, general admission tickets are $40 presale and $50 at event.

If I do not have a sponsor how much is a team?
– $330 (Includes 6 players, 5 hour open bar, food, entertainment and T Shirt for each player)

*Your team name will be provided

If I have a sponsor how much is a team?
-$600 is the minimum. Other options are in the BSfT Sponsorship Package

*Your team name will be the business name and will also include everything under the package selected

What do I do when I get to Woodlawn Beach (For Volleyball Players)
-Before parking, your name will be on a list where you will be provided a ticket. Take that ticket to the welcome table once you get down to the beach. A BSfT volunteer will sign you and and you will sign a waiver form.

What happens if it rains?
-The tournament will be played rain or shine. Lightning will be the factor which prevents us from carrying on the tournament. If forced to cancel team captains will be notified. If event is cancelled altogether there will be a make up party date at a date TBD

What are the age limits?
-This is a 21+ event. If you have any questions contact Ryan Stang at 903-6608

What time does the volleyball tournament start?
-Your captain will be contacted with instructions prior to the event date. You will need report to your court between 9-9:30am.

What time does the bar open?
-Drinks will be served starting at noon on the dot!

How does parking work?
-If you are registered on a volleyball team your name will be on a list at the door and your parking will be pre-paid. If not there will be a fee charged by the Town of Hamburg (negotiating on lowering that cost currently)

What does my $40 general admission ticket include?
-Drinks (Draft, Well or Wine) from 12-5, Food provided by Blasdell Pizza and several other restaurants, a BSfT T-Shirt, Opportunity to be entered into auctions containing Professional Sports Memorabilia

Will Jim Kelly be in attendance?
-Considering 100% of the money raised goes towards Jim’s Kelly for Kids Foundation he is scheduled to make the appearance.

QUESTIONS! What if I still have some questions?
-Visit our Contact Us page.

  • For administrative questions, sponsors, and general questions: you may contact Ryan Stang directly at 716-903-6608 or RStang@Buffalospikesfortykes.com
  • For volleyball and event day-of questions: you may contact Bernadette Singer directly at 716-430-2507 or bsinger@buffalospikesfortykes.com

Last and most importantly: What if I get too drunk?
DON’T DRIVE!!! If you need a cab there will be service provided. The bartenders will be told that if it appears you’ve had to much to drink you will be cut off. It’s a long day control yourself! Remember, it’s a charity event!